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Paola y Javier

I met Paola and Javier a little before their wedding. They had planned their entire wedding and were looking for someone to help them a couple of weeks beforehand the big day.

When they contacted me, we "clicked" at once, Paola's sweetness and Javier's joy filled me with excitement. Even though the time we spent together was shorter than what I usually spend with my couples, I felt a connection with them as if we had known each other all our lives.

galeria 5.png


Fotografía y video: Jorge Chavez
Locación: Hotel Sheraton Panam{a
Decoración: Miguel Gonzalez
Música: Orquesta Contrapunto

Maquillista: Kathy Bullen

Pétalos: Special Day

Carrito "signature drinks": Drinking
Artista invitado: Mr Saik
Midnight Snack: 4 minds


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