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Updated: May 31, 2022



When I was a kid, my dad loved to take photos. After every ballet recital, my sister and I knew he would look for the perfect scenery to take our photos dressed in our tutus. My sister will always do a perfect ballet pose, as for me, I would just stand beside her with my “I don't love this” face. Nowadays, those photos are the most treasured ones, every time we see them, we laugh, and it brings out happy memories of our childhood.

Why I am telling you this? Because every time I meet with a couple, and we talk about their engagement photos, I can see that same face plastered, usually on the groom’s face. So I decided to give you some tips that will help you both enjoy your engagement photo shoot.

1. Plan the day with your photographer, involve things the groom likes.

The first thing you should do is discuss with your fiancé what kind of pictures you want, try to ask him what things he would like, and add them to your ideas. Most men like a certain sport, maybe you could take your photos on a football field or wearing his team's shirt, this will give him an incentive. Once you have reached a consensus, talk to your photographer and show him/her what you have in mind, he/she could help you choose a location appropriate to your idea.

If you decide to do a photoshoot outdoors, consider that the best time to take your pictures is during what photographers call the Golden Hour. Having this in consideration, establish at what time you should start to shoot and calculate how long will it take to get there, considering a worse-case traffic scenario.

Your photographer may tell you to bring some props that you could incorporate in your shoot, but never forget to bring a big white umbrella, it could help you in case of rain or give you shade from the sun.

2. Happy scenarios, wonderful location.

Our emotions and feelings inspire us, have your photoshoot in a place you feel comfortable. It doesn't matter how beautiful the place is, if you are not comfortable, smiles won't be as easy. Consider everything that will surround you, it probably is not a wise idea to choose a humid tropical forest when you are afraid of bugs and your fiancé doesn't like a tropical climate. If you have a special place that makes you happy, maybe you should do your photos there.

Studio photoshoots are not that popular, but they can turn out to be a stunning idea. On outdoor shoots, we can't control the weather and unless it's a private place, we may encounter other people. In a studio, it's only you, your fiancé and the photographer, so this will be a great idea if you want to keep things private. You could bring scented candles or a playlist that both enjoy helping you relax, dance can be a great icebreaker.

3. Matching wardrobe, is the key.

I know that you want to wear that incredible dress you got for this special occasion, but have you thought about what your fiancé is going to wear? Matching a wardrobe is a key element for your photos to look amazing. This doesn't mean you have to wear the same colors, you can make your outfit match perfectly by combining colors and styles.

If you want fun pictures of you jumping or running, we recommend you to think about comfortable clothes and shoes, nobody wants a broken foot. Bright colors always bring out the fun in you, while neutral solid colors can make you look more elegant. Don't forget about your accessories and of course your flawless manicure for that ring closeup.

4. Trust in our professional point of view.

We want you to look better than always, that is why we always recommend doing your hair and make-up with a professional. Gather several ideas of what you like and show them to your hairdresser. Let him/her know where is your photo shoot is taking place and what outfit you are wearing, we are sure that he/she would have lots of suggestions to take into consideration.

If you are not sure about what to wear, you can always ask your photographer to recommend a stylist. Even if you find this to be exaggerated, consider that this person is a professional that knows what colors and styles will look good on both.

5. Timing is key to a successful shoot.

Things in a hurry usually end up bringing more stress, be on time. Part of planning all your day is for both to be relaxed and cheerful. Also, consider that photographers take up to 2 to 3 weeks to edit your photos; set up your photo shoot at least 3 to 6 months before the wedding.

Lately, due to all the Christmas enviroment, I have been falling in love with the idea of Christmas photoshoots. This is a great idea for weddings taking place mid-year, you could use your engagement photos to do a save the date. You could also incorporate your photos as part of your wedding decoration, use them as table numbers, make them your guest book, or put them at the entrance table where everyone can see them.

6. Most importantly, don't forget to smile and have fun.

At first, it's normal that the camera intimidates you a little, making you uncomfortable or even frightening. Try to relax, be yourselves, cherish this moment with your partner. Listen to your photographer and little by little you would open more, remember things that make you happy.

Once I had a couple that was so stressed that not even the photographer jokes were working they both would give the fakest smiles, you could see they were uncomfortable. They reminded me of Chandler and Monica in that episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S where they do their engagement photos. I started using the same techniques as Monica used on Chandler. A few minutes later we're both laughing and relax, they knew where I have gotten all my ideas from.

This is the best opportunity to start making a connection with your photographer, consider it as a try-out for your wedding day. The more you get to know your photographer, the easier it’s going to be when he/she is taking your wedding photos.

Now, you know all the tricks you could do to enjoy your photo shoot as much as you can. Your goal should be to make each other as comfortable as you can, think about what your partner wants, and involve little things that you both like. Believe me, there is no better satisfaction than re-living moments through photos. About the author: Meet Lorena Abad

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